Trip Hilliardís

Bike Trip CheckList

Feel free to print and use this list.



Bike Items:

____Spare fuses

____Chain lube

____Tool Kit

____Map (US & Texas)


____Tire Plug Kit

____Can of Tire Seal

____Motorcycle Cover


The Basics:

____Driverís License

____Wallet and Cash

____Travelerís Checks

____Credit and Telephone Cards

____Health and Bike Insurance Cards

____Emergency contact information (Palm)



____Rain Gear

____Leather Jacket/Joe Rocket



____Cold Weather/Warm Weather riding gloves

____Tennis shoes

____Riding boots

____Shirts (T-shirt or long sleeve)



____Thermal Underwear



____Dew Rags/Bandanas



____Soap and container

____Toilet paper




____Comb and brush

____Toothbrush, toothpaste

____Sun screen

____Small towel and washcloth


____Ear Plugs

____Extra pair of glasses/contacts/solution

____Sunglasses/Reading Glasses


____Lip Balm (For dry, hot rides)

____Vaseline (For nose bleeds on dry, hot rides)



Other Useful Items:


____Sealable plastic bags

____Trioxane fire starters

____Beef jerkey

____Nutri-Bars/Breakfast bars

____Non-perishable snacks/Gum

____Bottled Water


____Gimme Cap/Biker Cowboy Hat



____Check Motorcycle oil, fluid levels and tire pressure

____Contact/Email others that you will be gone


Additional Items: